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Frostgrave Day

In the dark, grim, Northern part of the Frozen City, you can find the majority of the city’s temples and cathedrals, the area known as The Hallowed. This area is full of ancient treasures, the arcane lore of the Gods and Demi-Gods, plus the more earthly treasures once offered in sacrifice. Yet for many wizards, it is the lure of...
  • Frostgrave Barbarians

    We thought that, rather than just looking at the upcoming Frostgrave Barbarian sprue, we’d actually try out some of the options available in terms of assembly options. There will be four sprues in the boxed set, providing a whole range of different weapons from crossbows to bows, spears to double handed axes, throwing axes to knives and a really nice...
  • Perry Union Infantry Boxed set

    The new boxed set of plastics from the Perry’s contains enough sprues to create 40 miniatures. These can be assembled in a whole range of active poses, with small sprues designed to create figures in skirmishing, loading, charging, advancing poses and marching. All the figures are in the four buttoned sack coat which became an issue item during the war....
  • Kings of War Historical

    As many people appear confused about the army lists in this new set of rules from Mantic Games, we present a brief guide plus a brief example of how melee works, for those gamers considering investing....
  • Bolt Action Second Edition Armies of Germany

    The first in the expanded and revised guides to the armies of World War Two, designed to aid Bolt Action players around the world....

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